Field service, Operation & maintenance


The Services Division offer comprehensive packages (Partial or Full-service) for operation and maintenance activities in some of the most challenging environments, on a wide range of offshore and onshore plants, worldwide, i.e.:

The Services Division constantly strives to keep-up with the latest maintenance/operation technology integrating it perfectly with the designated production objectives of each project.

Furthermore we support fist class Clients (i.e. General Electric, Hitachi, Solar, etc.) for field activities management and supervision (such as installation, construction, commissioning and testing, maintenance, etc.) with technical staff, such as:

and above all with technical supervisors with a wide experience in several fields, such as:

The interventions of our technicians had practically covered quite all the world, with thousands of missions during the years; if could be possible to account all the miles travelled by our personnel during their trips, the distance probably is more comparable to a galactic trip than an Earth one!