Building our way to the top

Since Rinaldo Gasparini shaped the company over a quarter of a century ago, Renco's Infrastructure Division has performed numerous projects in the field of civil construction, directly and through its affiliates abroad.

Thanks to its in-depth experience accumulated in building industrial, office, residential and hotel facilities, Renco can provide proven design, erection, start-up and maintenance services for virtually any type of infrastructure project.

As has been proven time and again, Renco's skills excel in realising projects under highly challenging environmental and logistical conditions.

Employing advanced building technologies, Renco is capable of delivering projects meeting demanding schedules imposed by Clients.

Equally important, Renco's track record demonstrates full compliance with budget constraints without any compromise to the customary high level of finishing and fittings it imposes.

By virtue of its policy to minimise sub-contracting of important construction activities, Clients can be sure that Renco's specialised personnel with proven craft skills perform all critically important construction tasks, starting from building reinforced concrete structures up to and including installation of electro-mechanical systems, building finishings, interior fittings and decoration.