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Renco has been engaged to construct many buildings in numerous locations,  where local capabilities did not meet the high standards demanded by international Clients. Renco has executed several of these projects on a turnkey basis: Renco usually realizes ad hoc architectural and structural designs, all construction and installation activities, procurement and installation of all plants and equipment, and finally completing the projects as per western standards. It is not surprising that several ranking embassies and many other international institutions, banks and Oil & Gas firms have chosen Renco as their preferred contractor.

As proven time and time again, Renco’s skills excel when taking on projects under highly challenging environmental and logistical conditions.

With the use of advanced building technologies, Renco is capable of delivering projects meeting demanding schedules imposed by Clients.

Equally important, Renco’s track record demonstrates full compliance with budget constraints without any compromise to the customary high level of finishing and fittings it imposes.

By virtue of its policy, to minimize sub-contracting of important construction activities, Clients can be sure that Renco’s specialised personnel with proven craft skills can perform all critically important construction tasks, starting from building reinforced concrete structures up to and including installation of electro-mechanical systems, building finishing, interior fittings and decoration

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