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Does the execution of the works provoke any traffic related or any other related problems?

These type of controls do not in any way provoke traffic or any other related problems. The operators move from one pole to another with portable, absolutely noise-free equipment.

Should poles with expired certification necessarily be substituted?
No. The residual life span is calculated with ample margin. When the warranty period expires it is opportune to repeat the controls/checks, especially for those poles which have the guaranteed residual life span which is lower to the maximum certification value. Is it possible, on the basis of acquired experience, to identify beforehand those types of poles particularly subjected to corrosion?
No, there are other factors – namely the anticorrosion protection applied – which have an influence notably superior on the resistance with regards to the corrosion phenomenon.

Is it possible to control “artistic” poles with a decorated drum around its base? Most times the answer is positive, but the LPR control method, by itself, can be insufficient or scarcely dependable. It is opportune to study each case on a case-by-case basis and to perform endoscopic and ultrasound controls/checks.

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