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  • The growing sensitivity towards environmental problems often leads to the revision of industrial processes already consolidated in the technical practice.
  • Renco has developed a unique system (Patent Nr. PS2002A000006) that mitigates the fugitive emissions by compressors
  • The Renco system recovers and recycles leaking compressor seal gases without impacting plant operation:
    • The environmental impact of compression stations is reduced by capturing seal gas emissions
    • Plant efficiency is improved by recovering methane gas normally vented to the atmosphere
    • Plant safety is enhanced by reduction in methane dispersion
  • The Renco Gas Recovery System (GRS)
    • The Renco GRS is a very compact package sized up to 3m (l) x 2m (w) x 3m (h)
    • Therefore, it is suitable for installation at locations with little space available, such as offshore platforms.
    • Due to its modular construction it can be easily engineered to meet specific Client or regulatory requirements
    • Its energy consumption is almost negligible compared to the amount of recovered gas

Electric engine-driven Gas Compressor

1. Local Control Panel
2. Heat Exchanger
3. Liquid Drop separator
4. Oil/Gas Separator
5. Lubricant Oil Tank
6. Water/Glycol Tank for compressor cooling

A flow meter and gas analyzer placed downstream of the gas output allow EXACT MEASUREMENT OF THE RECYCLED METHANE

The Renco GRS (lateral view)




    • A complete GRS system costs approximately 350.000 Euros, depending on its specific features
  • OPEX
    • Practically negligible. The maintenance schedule of compressor sets easily absorbs GRS maintenance activities at no incremental cost
    • Typical electrical consumption is less than 20 kW

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