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Renco Organization chart

RENCO conducts business with loyalty, fairness, transparency, honesty and integrity in compliance with laws, regulations, mandatory requirements, international standards and guidelines, both domestic and foreign. In this context, corruption is a threat to our activity and our employees, and it is contrary to our culture, therefore, it is very important to us to have clear business policies against corruption and to take corrective measures to always be compliant with these policies.

In accordance with the “zero tolerance” approach towards bribery and corporate crimes, RENCO’s Anti-Corruption Compliance Program, which is fully adhered to by all RENCO personnel, summarizes the commitment of RENCO with respect to the principles introduced by the anti-corruption laws and by the relevant international Best Practices (L. Decree 231/2001, UK Bribery Act 2010 and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), in order to prevent and contrast corruption risk.

The first step in developing an efficient strategy to fight against corruptive phenomena, is to build in-depth knowledge of the prevention tools. For this reason, an activity to encourage awareness among RENCO Personnel was implemented, requiring strong commitment and attention to understanding and implementing the compliance control systems of the Anticorruption Compliance Program in everyday business transactions.

The effective implementation of this compliance system is fundamental for RENCO’s personnel and for the entire business.

We would also like to emphasize that RENCO’s managers abide to  their commitments by complying with all the applicable anti-corruption laws, RENCO’s Code of Ethics, Anti-Corruption Policy and Anti-Corruption Procedures, to disseminate and transfer RENCO’s values of integrity to all they work with and represent to those people, through their conduct, a correct behavioral model.

Compliance with Anti-Corruption Compliance Program is therefore a personal obligation for each of us.

Supervisory Body pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001:

  • Prof. ADV. Bruno Assumma – Presidente
  • ADV. Piergiorgio Assumma – Component
  • ADV. Paolo Paganucci – Component.
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