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Anti-Covid-19 safety meeting with Renco’s staff families in Pointe Noire

Before last Christmas, Renco held an awareness raising meeting on Covid -19 in Pointe Noire, Congo,  for the benefit of the families of its staff. This was an initiative within the framework of health security which was appreciated by all the participants, especially women.

Trying to promote an extraordinary awareness of Covid 19 containment measures. Targeting employees’ family members: brothers, parents, wives, friends, acquaintances, to make them aware of containment measures in the daily context of their neighbourhood to protect themselves.

With the increase of positive rates it was important to intervene at the heart of it, also in the private life of our staff. The women who attended the meeting realised the importance of individual behaviour and learned about the correct way to limit this pandemic.

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers and masks were distributed to all participants. This meeting  took place in accordance with the anti-covid regulations.


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