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Classification ANCE 2017: Renco ranks at twelfth place

The ANCE (Associazione Nazionale Costruttori Edili / National Builders’ Association) classification, presented in Rome on 01 October relative to the year 2017, shows that Renco is now ranking in twelfth position amongst the other Italian companies that are engaged in projects abroad. Renco’s position has improved since the previous year, in which it was classified at fourteenth position. In fact, in 2017 the overall production value was 248 Million Euro, of which 211 Million Euro were the sales revenue of the projects abroad which has permitted our company to move up two positions in the classification.

“The statistics carried out and registered by ANCE is important first and foremost for the sector and Italian system. For our company its presence and consolidation in the countries abroad, in which we operate, is imperative. In addition to this, considering the research of new markets, where to start and operate” states Mr. Giovanni Gasparini, the President of Renco.

The Italian construction sector has increased abroad by 2% in 2017, reaching a quota of 14.3 Billion Euro. A value that has doubled with respect to ten years ago, as mentioned in the ANCE report. Abroad construction companies increase in growth, however, with respect to the domestic market they face many difficulties.

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