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New offices for Renco in occasion of the 40th anniversary since it was founded

New offices for Renco in occasion of the 40th anniversary since it was founded

In conjunction with the 40th anniversary, since the foundation of Renco, today the new offices of the Group, which has its operative seat in Pesaro, was inaugurated. In only 14 months the company completed their construction work and the new structure is visible in an ex industrial zone on the Montelfeltro Road, a few kilometers from the city centre.

The Offices, which have been constructed with 6 levels for a total of 8400 square meters, accounts for 290 work stations, over 200 parking slots, 600 square meters of terraces, seating more than 130 in the canteen area, almost 200 square meters for the gym area dedicated for the employees, a training room seating 100 for the permanent training sessions, laundry services and a shuttle service to and from the nearest train station.

A structure built according to modern times: low environmental impact, with 200 solar panels installed on the roof areas, a BMS system (Building Management System) for the management of the energy, an energetic saving equal to 20%  as per the limit imposed by law, reduction/elimination of the use of plastic bottles and cups, electric stations for the recharging of electric vehicles  and  a “konnex-dali” system for the energy saving of the lighting systems.

“For us 40 years is an important goal, our journey has been one of significant growth: we have learnt to work in international scenarios that also proved to be difficult, we have learnt to believe and invest in those territories, we learnt to execute our work with our heads but above all with our hearts because, in the end and ultimately, doing business around the world means truly this, doing things with the right mix of rationality and emotions by keeping our roots deeply grounded in the territory from which one comes from. This signifies to safeguard our values as well as principals that guide the way in which we work in this land, traditionally dynamic and hard working”, declared the President of Renco Mr. Giovanni Gasparini.

“We have built our new offices with two intentions: the first was to ensure that our employees are contented, in order to achieve this we have implemented many services that facilitates as much as possible our work. The second was that to demonstrate to the city that Renco is an important Construction Company and we wanted to give evidence of this by constructing a building of distinct value, we are fully satisfied with respect to the time in which it was built, costs as well as the quality and respect for the environment”, comments the CEO of Renco Mr. Giovanni Rubini.

The President of the Marche Region, Mr. Luca Ceriscioli, present at the inauguration has commented: ” Companies like these are our pride and joy since they make us look toward the future with confidence. Renco is a Pesaro Group that has followed a path of expansion on an international level that has managed to take its know-how to over 20 countries by implementing pioneer projects, with the use of advanced technology. My compliments to them for the work executed and my best  wishes for their future challenges around the world”.

The Renco Group is involved in the Energy sectors (EPC, Services, Power Production) and Buildings (Development, Construction and Property Management. Renco is present in over 12 countries globally, some of which are Kazakhstan, Mozambique, Armenia, Tanzania, Greece, Congo and Albania and has 4000 collaborators. The first country in which Renco operated 40 years ago – thanks to the efforts of its founder Mr. Rinaldo Gasparini – was Iraq. Just to mention some of the Clients of Renco, they are Eni, Abb, Total, Exxon Mobil, Saipem.

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