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Renco Company is going to build part of Mind Milan

Renco won the tender for the final and executive design and construction of Lot 1.1 of the MIND Milano area, Innovation District West Gate ( former Expo) in the Lombardy’ s capital city, as part of the selection process of general contractors for the Renaissance 1 lot by the investor company Lendlease, Australian funds, for a one million square metre, multi-year investment. The total investment tendered for the West Gate area alone is EUR 290 million, divided into two lots.

Renco was awarded the contract to build a second €40 million lot with an iconic building called the Hub, as well as a hotel, a residence, a multi-storey car park and two office blocks.  This was a very prestigious tender where the best Italian companies contested.

In addition to engineering qualities, Renco’s ability to work safely and the quality of its commitment to sustainability were  highly appreciated.

This is the first  of a complex building investment in the former Expo area. Thanks to this the Italian division of Renco spa definitely enters the restricted number of construction companies.

Renco is now committed to increasing its presence at the highest operational levels in the civil construction industry . “We  aim to compete at the highest level,” says President Giovanni Gasparini, “even in this industry, and the Mind Project  seems to us a primary objective”.

The assignment is official and Renco has already started working in the area, which is also served by the metro, where the Galeazzi hospital already stands and a university campus will be built going forward.


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