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Renco wins first place on the podium, in the Marche Region among other competitors, as the leading Construction Company

Renco reaches to number 1 on the top 10 list of the principal Construction Companies in the Marche Region.

This achievement is the result of a dossier, by the “Aristide Merloni Foundation”, based on the sales of 2016.

The results presented by the “Aristide Merloni Foundation”, was founded on the research of the close observation of the principal companies in the Marches.

In order to be included in the classification, it was important to meet the following double criteria:

1.The size of the company, meaning also that the turnover had to be more than 6 Million Euro in the fiscal year 2016 ;

2.To have an operational office within the Marche region.

Renco, thanks also to its international presence, was the only company that projected these strong attributes and thus the recognition.

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