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fuel cells


Rimini Fuel Gas micro-cogeneration system. This micro-cogeneration unit, installed at the Rimini Gas co-generation plant, is based on a EtaGen Idatech 5 kW unit. A fuel cell is an electro-chemical device that combines hydrogen fuel and oxygen from the air producing, in a CHP configuration, electricity and hot water. Fuel cells operate without moving parts and without combustion, so they are virtually pollution free, quiet and reliable.

As the fuel is converted directly into electricity, a fuel cell also operates at a much higher efficiency than an internal combustion engine. Today’s technology offers a wide range of fuel cell stacks fed with hydrogen produced by a reformer (fuel processor). Renco is capable of installing fuel cell based micro-cogeneration systems for remote locations or for other light industrial and civil use. Renco offers both turn-key and BOOT type contracts.

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