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Sanna Marin at Villa Soligo

August 2022
Apparently it was a mere coincidence stemming from tourist portals, yet it was something memorable. While the new Renco brand dedicated to charming hotels, Stay Fancy, was being launched, the young Finnish premier, Sanna Marin, chose to spend ten days on a summer holiday in Villa Soligo, in the Prosecco wine-growing hills.
Stay Fancy

Sanna Mirella Marin, who will turn 37 in November, has been Finland’s prime minister since 10 December 2019. She was the youngest prime minister in Finland’s history and the world’s youngest head of government at the time. She is also the Deputy Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Finland.

villa soligo 2

With her husband and couple of friends, the Finnish premier chose a premium hospitality facility, Villa Soligo, which Renco had just added to its new tourist brand linked to Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The young Nordic premier’s holiday could not go unnoticed, despite the strict privacy guaranteed by Renco Group.