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Incident and Injury-Free Performance

The risk of workplace injuries or fatalities is an ever-present concern on construction sites. Official data from the European Union statistics agency Eurostat, last recorded in 2021, indicated that across the 27-nation EU countries, 22.5% of all fatal workplace accidents occurred within the construction sector.

The need for organisations operating in civil and industrial sectors to pursue a strict culture of safety is critical. At Renco we promote a zero-incident work culture ensuring that we foster a safe environment not only for the people of Renco but also for our contractors and the communities we serve. For us, that means ensuring that our safety policy is deeply ingrained within our culture and that it serves as a tangible tool that is directly linked to on-site performance outcomes.

A Track Record of Excellence

Today, we can proudly attest to our track record of excellence in safety. In the last five years, we have not recorded any lost-time injuries on our sites, and furthermore, we have never had any fatal accidents or permanent injuries.

Fatalities or permanent Injuries
Lost time injuries in the last 5 years

In Italy, that same Eurostat report indicated that in 2021 workplace fatalities amounted to 601, which is the second highest figure in Europe. As an international organisation, Renco operates in several countries worldwide. However, over the past three years, we have significantly expanded our presence within the Italian civil sectors.


Currently, we have projects totalling 500 million euros in value in this country. Recognising the real need to improve safety standards to align with internationally recognised HSE standards has been a critical factor for us, and we also implore our subcontractors to align to these standards.

' We live in a community that extends from our offices in Italy and around the world to our construction sites, which are the beating heart of Renco. Every day, we spend many hours of our lives together in a vibrant community that cannot afford, in any way, to experience the trauma of an incident. We work to ensure that HSE and sustainability are not just policies, but a culture promoted through strong communication, leadership, and engagement among our people '

Enzo RahoSustainability & QHSSE Department Manager