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Shared value, community and regeneration are our paths to sustainable development

Renco’s business model is firmly rooted in the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability.


Renco is present in over 20 countries worldwide and reinvests in the territories where it operates through works and services, creating a lasting relationship with local communities. Creating shared value is the hallmark of Renco’s activities; through it, the company grows together with the community and builds strong ties with cultures, traditions, values and people.


By sustainability we mean living, respecting and growing together with our host countries and their respective communities.

' In the sweeping ecological transition process currently under way throughout the planet, Renco is consciously engaged, as an international player, in promoting a new model of sustainable development '

Giovanni GaspariniPresident



Sustainability remains integral to Renco's strategic framework, which is centred on three foundational pillars: environmental, social, and sustainability.


The UN 2030 Agenda
Our vision for 2050

To underline its commitment, Renco has decided to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How we're doing it
environmental awareness
Renco generates 70% of its turnover through environmental reconversion
CSR - Sanitary
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Healthcare services
Free maternal and child health services provided by the Kendwa Maternity Clinic in Zanzibar, financed by Renco Foundation, and by the hospital in Pointe-Noire, Congo
CSR - Education
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Five classes are run each year in the school complex financed and managed by Renco in the village of Ngoma, in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado region
Sustainability Report


Employee care

Incident and Injury-Free

Renco promotes an Incident and Injury-Free culture. The company develops participatory processes within the entire Group, based on the exchange of new practical information geared towards building zero-incident work models.

Leadership, communication and involvement are an integral part of the company’s principles. Taking care of people and analysing their behaviour constitute a responsible approach that Renco adopts in managing all its activities.



Ensuring a workplace free from injuries is our top priority, as we are dedicated to cultivating a workplace ethos centred around the welfare of our team members and collaborators.


Nature is Energy

Renco has always focused on minimising the environmental impacts generated in each phase of the project, by developing sustainable models that respect the environment and natural biodiversity.

Made By Humans

Renco is committed to building territorial welfare schemes by promoting the development of communities both socially and economically, while supporting the local production and entrepreneurial fabric.

Reciprocity and Mutuality

In all countries in which it operates, Renco strives to create a positive impact on the local economy and the environment. It does so by investing in works and social services and supporting local entrepreneurs also through partnerships and common projects.