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Programma 2121: Supporting Social Inclusion

Last year we were excited to put our commitment forward to participate in Programma 2121: an incredibly innovative and forward-thinking initiative that aims to facilitate the social inclusion of incarcerated individuals, currently in Italian prisons, through work internship schemes.

Programma 2121 is a collaborative effort, managed by the Italian Ministry of Interior, along with private companies that provides a tangible response to a complex issue of societal exclusion in the Italian penitentiary system. Incarcerated individuals are fully compensated for their work and are provided with the opportunity to develop their professional skills, and interpersonal abilities, along with fostering their personal growth, with the objective to foster a wholly supportive environment which allows for rehabilitation and reintegration into society. In a world where incarceration can lead many individuals to isolation and despair, finding ways for integration can provide inmates with hope and resilience.

Welcoming aboard our new teammate

After a rigorous 6-month recruitment screening process which involved our team profiling and interviewing various inmates, we were able to successfully onboard one low-offending inmate to work on our construction sites. The inmate has been provided with support from our recruitment and HR teams in finding their feet within the role, along with encouragement from fellow onsite construction teams which have shown nothing but camaraderie to our new teammate.

Milan Innovation District

Renco became involved in Programma 2121 through our involvement in development works on the Milano Innovation District, where we are working on the executive design and construction of Lot 1.1 of the MIND Milano Innovation District West Gate. The Milan Innovation District (MIND) is one of the two mixed-use redevelopment projects which have connected Programma 2121 trainees from the neighbouring Bollate Prison to job opportunities on various projects.


' The Milan Innovation District is socially sustainable through the 2121 programme. The role of large companies in the public-private relationship is fundamental for the fight against criminal recidivism '

Vincenzo Lo CascioMinistry of Justice, Department of Prison Administration General Directorate of Prisoners and Treatment

Why was it so critical for Renco to get involved in this project?

Social inclusion forms one very critical component of our dedication to ensuring we are continuously fostering and promoting social sustainability across multiple fronts within our organisation, and this includes looking at ways in which we can help uplift the community around us.

For us social sustainability is not just an ethos, it needs to translate to practical applications of social development. That is why we are continuously looking at ways in which we can help support people from different backgrounds in finding their place within work and community spheres. We recognised that Programma 2121 helps those people who experience social inclusion to find meaning and purpose in life. Through our involvement in this project, we were able to explore new and innovative ways we can grow our social sustainability strategy and our teams were able to see firsthand the tangible impact of fostering social inclusion.