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Stay Fancy at the Relais Mont Blanc

Renco is pleased to announce its entry into the mountain tourism sector with the recent acquisition of the management rights for Relais Mont Blanc in La Salle, Courmayeur.
Stay Fancy

This strategic move aligns with our vision for growth and diversification through our boutique hotel chain, Stay Fancy. The Relais Mont Blanc is a luxurious and modern chalet, a one-of-a-kind hotel equipped with amenities and facilities designed to meet the high standards of leisure tourists and business visitors.

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' The Chalet, featured in our Stay Fancy tourist showcase, marks a significant milestone for Renco as we strive to further expand in the Italian hotel market. This move underscores our commitment to exploring new opportunities within this pivotal sector '

Carlo VerdelliAsset Management Director

As we contemplate the broader implications of this acquisition, we are mindful of both the local community and the environmental impact we can have. At the Relais Mont Blanc, under Renco’s management, we are actively identifying key strategies to optimise energy efficiency in the building. This initiative aims to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to preserving the beautiful local environment.

We are focused on uplifting and promoting the local community around us. We prioritise hiring locally and have decided to keep the hotel open all year round. Previously, the hotel was only open during the winter and summer seasons. This decision not only caters to our clientele but also provides stable employment for our staff. Further, with a focus on supporting the local economy and providing our guests we a true experience of the area, we are dedicated to sourcing goods and services from local suppliers in the area.


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This hotel marks our fourth venture into the hotel market in Italy, following our recent purchase of the Villa Soligo hotel, and is sure to be a true gem in our ever-expanding portfolio of luxury hotels under the Stay Fancy brand.