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Work-life at Renco

Over our 40 years in operations, Renco has evolved into a truly global company, accumulating extensive experience in diverse international settings. Today, we operate across numerous countries and employ a dedicated workforce of over 4,000 people. Across our global offices, we are committed to valuing our staff and recruiting individuals with the right expertise to propel our company forward.




The right place to be



"At Renco, I always felt that I could reach my full potential. Right from the beginning of my tenure here, I had the opportunity to assume numerous responsibilities, and I truly appreciated this aspect of my experience"


Valentina Paolucci / Civil and Structural Project Specialist Leader



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Main Divisions

Renco’s organisation has steadily expanded and today it has four main divisions – Industry, Infrastructures, Services and Asset Management


Renco has gained extensive, relevant international experience, operating 16 offices in 10 countries around the world

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Projects performed

Renco performed 1000’s of projects worldwide in over 50 countries

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Renco’s staff counts more than 300 Europeans and over 1350 people of different nationalities

People development at Renco

Through our Organisational Development office we aim to develop and promote our employees through career development, professional training, performance evaluation, welfare and internal communications.

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Through our Organisational Development office with the aim to develop and promote our employees through career development, professional training, performance evaluation, welfare and internal communications.

Staff well-being and welfare

Safeguarding our employee's well-being and welfare is of utmost importance to us. We work on several fronts to achieve these goals.

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Diversity and inclusion are highly valued pillars in our organisation. We are deeply committed to adhering to the cultural norms and practices of our local employees. Simultaneously, we prioritise transparency, fairness, and equal opportunities regardless of age or gender.

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Furthermore, the safety of our workers has always been an incredibly high priority for us. We adhere to strict Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) policies that ensure the safety and well-being of our staff across all our operations, at all times.

Attracting new talent

At Renco ensuring that we are attracting the right people at our company is of utmost importance.

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In our recruiting process, we prioritise diversity and equal opportunities for everyone. Throughout the selection process, our company adheres to fundamental principles of professionalism, transparency, meritocracy, and impartiality, in full compliance with applicable regulations and internal policies. Furthermore, we are dedicated to establishing partnerships with institutes and universities, as a commitment that allows us to establish direct channels for attracting and nurturing young talent in the organisation.


Our people

Gaia Magnifico, HR Staffing Specialist, Nazario Ubaldi, HR Manager share their insights into the recruitment process.


The headquarter

In 2019 Renco constructed its new headquarter. The building was skillfully designed by Renco engineers with the intention to offer the most comfortable environment to our employees while adhering to high environmental standards regarding energy consumption.


Welfare and benefits services

The company has implemented several free or subsidised services for employees at its Pesaro headquarters to create an engaging work environment:

  • A company canteen on the top floor of the building 
  • Free bikes available during lunch breaks
  • Access to the company gym at a reduced price
  • Laundry and ironing service available at head office
  • Free shuttle transport to the local train station 
Green certification


Smart working

Renco has worked to implement smart-working policies that enable our people to experience a greater work-life balance.

These policies reflect our commitment to fostering a healthier and happier work environment.

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Spartan Race

"Renco participated in the Spartan Race in 2023. The group formed represents the spirit of Renco – a group of people who set ambitious goals, give 110% effort to achieve results, and no matter how high the obstacle, they put in all their strength to overcome it. There's always the awareness that if the wall is too high, our teammates, our team, can help us get over it with a little extra effort"

Rossella Disanto / Project Engineer

Global offices

Along with our head office in Milano Renco has global branches across Mozambique, Congo, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Albania.


In Mozambique, Renco has been conducting its business since 2012, operating through various companies that cover a wide area and serve many markets. The company's activities are primarily concentrated in the northern part of the country, centred around its main office in Pemba.

  • The local office pays particular attention to discrimination issues, adhering to a zero-tolerance policy regarding racial and gender discrimination
  • Portuguese is the working language of the office to adhere to the country's language
  • In 2022, through voluntary negotiations, a unified salary policy for the entire Group in the country was developed to ensure equal opportunities for all workers based on their roles within the organisation
  • Renco is firmly committed to promoting the development and growth of local human resources to become increasingly an Italian-Mozambican company. This commitment translates into initiatives aimed at enhancing the skills of local employees, through skills development programs, mentorship, and career opportunities

The main office of Renco's company in Congo is located in Pointe Noire. The Congolese companies within the Renco Group place particular emphasis on activities benefiting the communities in which they operate, actively collaborating with the Congo Assistance Foundation.

  • The company's policy ensures that there is always a quota of workers from the local community. Currently, many local people work for Renco
  • The company fosters close collaboration with training schools to identify young talents and hire qualified personnel
  • Year-end bonuses are allocated based on a performance evaluation system
  • Team building days are organised to bring employees together and promote cohesion
  • The company has established an internal healthcare service, overseen by a company doctor, and set up a clinic at the Renco Congo base
  • Renco takes responsibility for the healthcare of all its employees, covering 100% of medical expenses for spouses and all children, with an additional provision for up to two more dependents

The Renco Group operates in Armenia through nine different companies: Renco Armestate, Renco Armenia Valore, Renco Power, Renco S.p.A. Yerevan Branch, Renco Asset Management, Hotel Yerevan, Nuovo Velodromo, Italsec Armenia, and Armpower.

  • Every year, Renco organises a Christmas event or Befana celebration at the end of each year, where gifts are distributed to the children of employees
  • All employees who have performed well during the year are given a bonus on a thirteenth-month salary
  • At the end of the year, a Christmas corporate dinner or party is organized for all staff
  • On Christmas Eve, gifts in the form of Italian products are distributed to all companies and organisations cooperating with Renco
  • Renco Armenia supports a local orphanage

In Kazakhstan, Renco has been present for approximately 30 years. The Group primarily operates in the country through two companies, both of which have their main offices in Almaty, the country's most populous city: Renco Kat (which operates in infrastructure) and Renco Property (which owns and manages properties).

  • Initiatives in the country include efforts to support employees through salary increases and donations
  • In the local branch, a thirteenth-month salary is given to employees who have been with the company for more than ten years
  • For over 20 years, Renco has organised Christmas events at the end of each year where gifts are distributed to the children of employees
  • Renco provides appropriate equipment and qualified personnel to meet job requirements, maintains constant communication with its staff, and ensures ongoing training for its employees

Renco Albania is a prominent organisation operating in Albania, making a significant impact through its two companies; Dega Renco Spa Albania, established in 2016, and Renco Spark Shpk, established in 2022.

  • The office constructed two new houses after the 2019 earthquake, demonstrating its commitment to aiding disaster-stricken areas
  • They provide local employees with avenues for growth by promoting their talents to the international market
  • The local workforce is empowered to enhance their skills and collaborate with Renco Spa's global pool of professional specialists
  • The office cultivates a cohesive and collaborative work environment that encourages teamwork and innovation
  • The health and well-being of the office’s employees are prioritised and are ensured access to comprehensive healthcare facilities
Made By Humans

Renco is committed to building territorial welfare schemes by promoting the development of communities both socially and economically, while supporting the local production and entrepreneurial fabric.