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Reciprocity and Mutuality

As a business, we have focused on diversification to build a robust business strategy that has enabled us to build resilience. Operating in diverse markets, Renco strongly prioritises supporting the economic development of the countries in which we operate within. We do this in several ways including investing in local regions, employing local staff and supporting local entrepreneurship.

Fostering economic prosperity

' Economic sustainability translates into an inherent anti-fragility within our organization, arising from both geographical and operational diversification '

Francesco GiustozziChief Financial Officer


Over the years, Renco has expanded our range of services to meet our customer's needs, while allowing our group to build upon opportunities in different markets. Our strategic approach towards business diversification has ensured our economic anti-fragility, protecting us against fluctuations in individual sectors and markets. Through our broad suite of services and offerings, we have been able to fortify our financial stability and ensure we are creating a synergy through our business units.

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€444 mil

In 2022 we closed of the financial year with a production value of 444 million euros, this is an increase of 32.8% compared to the previous year.


Renco Group and Sustainability

Through our strategic business models, we work to integrate sustainability firmly within our organisation.

As we have grown and acquired new customers and expanded our market share, we have shifted our focus to the ecological transition in the renewable energy sector. Increasingly, we see how this sustainable model has provided us with a distinct advantage as a group. Our focus on environmental sustainability has increased across our power generation projects and in those concerning the energy efficiency of buildings. In 2012, our commitment to sustainability was solidified as we withdrew from oil-related EPC activities.

Our sustainable transition goals
Sustainable Transition Goals Graph

Programma 2121: Supporting Social Inclusion

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New Acquisitions

Renco at MIND Milano

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Our business operations span across four different business lines: Energy, Buildings, O&M Services and Asset Management.

renco spa

Renco S.p.A. controls three different business lines: Energy, Buildings and Services. The business unit operates as an EPC Contractor in the industrial plant engineering and civil construction sectors and offers technical, operational and maintenance services in the energy sector.

Renco asset management logo

Renco Asset Management S.r.l. offers logistic services to expatriate personnel and hotel management services and manages the Group’s administrative buildings and those of third parties.

Renco valore logo

Renco Valore S.p.A. conducts developer and asset management activities and owns the Group’s real estate assets.

A sustainable business model
Sustainability Model 3.jpg

Our business stragey is focused on:

  • Making strategic investments in projects that focus on the climate and innovation
  • Participation in tenders for highly complex
  • EPC projects
  • Investments to support the areas of activity in which the company operates, linked to the energy production, logistics and raw material transformation sectors
  • Strengthening of Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services for large companies
  • Strengthening participation in Public Private
  • Partnership (PPP) initiatives in which Renco participates as a developer and backer of customers’ perceived needs and in the implementation of the projects

Renco’s business model is structured around working hand-in-hand with the countries in which we operate in, ensuring that we reinvest our profits into those countries themselves. Through this approach we work to mitigate EPC business risks, build customer loyalty and build strong relationships with the local communities.

Sustainability Report

Our commitment to sustainability remains practical, and we continuously evaluate our actions and practices using specific tools, such as our Sustainability Report.

Made By Humans

Renco is committed to building territorial welfare schemes by promoting the development of communities both socially and economically, while supporting the local production and entrepreneurial fabric.

Nature is Energy

Renco has always focused on minimising the environmental impacts generated in each phase of the project, by developing sustainable models that respect the environment and natural biodiversity.