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Made by humans

Globally, we work on fostering the well-being of our personnel and the individuals within the local communities we engage with. Recognising the importance of our impact on local regions, we are committed to building territorial welfare programs that foster the capacity for nurturing prosperous communities. Simultaneously, we look introspectively to promote development, diversity, inclusion and safety to support the people at the heart of our organisation.

Fostering mutual respect and understanding

' A fundamental pillar at Renco is our belief that the company's growth is intrinsically linked to the prosperity of the countries in which we operate. Therefore, our commitment to social sustainability revolves around fostering reciprocity and upholding respect for all people. '

Giovanni GaspariniRenco Board President

People at the heart of our value

With a strong focus on fostering the well-being of our organisational members Renco Group has always placed people at the heart of its values to support and uplift our corporate culture.


Protecting Diversity, Uplifting Inclusion

At Renco we strive to protect and promote diversity and inclusion across all our organisational levels.

With a presence across multiple countries and regions, Renco is composed of a very culturally diverse workforce. We are strongly orientated toward protecting the cultural practices and norms of our local employees, respecting their language, cultural traditions, and communities.

We diligently adhere to the principles of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions, while also adopting guidelines defined by the Social Accountability 8000 standard.


Parità di Genere

Championing gender equality is crucial to who we are as a company. Our efforts in implementing policies that support this cause have been exemplified by our recognition through the Parità di Genere certification.

The Parità di Genere is awarded to companies that actively foster gender equality and women’s participation in the workplace; providing women with greater access to the labour market, more pathways towards leadership roles, and allowing for more accommodation of life and childcare responsibilities, as well as minimising gender gap disparities.

Putting our words into action

Training and development form a core part of our people-focused strategy. Through our Organisational Development department, we actively bolster the growth of our people by facilitating career development and professional training. Through initiatives such as our Renco Life program, we work to provide services that can help support our people outside the workplace, in their everyday lives.


Additionally, our employees are provided with valuable opportunities to work within our international offices, where they can tap into rich cultural experiences and see immense personal and professional growth. 

Furthermore, we aim to work with young talent to foster their careers within our exciting sector. Through our Renco Academy, we partner with leading universities across Italy to create pathways for graduates to have a fulfilling career at Renco.



"I was on maternity leave with my second child when I interviewed at Renco. I was clear from the beginning, telling them that the first year of a child's life is not easy. The company not only confirmed its willingness to collaborate with me but also demonstrated this year that it kept its promise, that is, to be understanding. I think this is something that should be said aloud, and Renco should be proud of this aspect because I have never found it anywhere else."


Stefania Perra /  Technical Safety Project Specialist Leader




Programma 2121

Renco is proud to be part of Programma 2121, an Italian initiative that is helping to support the social inclusion of inmates through the promotion of internship work opportunities.

We have recently partnered with a local prison to employ an inmate, providing support on their path to reintegrate into the workforce.


Supporting our local communities

We are committed supporting people in the local communities we service. Our commitment goes beyond mere engagement, we implement various initiates and programs aimed at supporting the local community's well-being.



The Congo Reforestation project is a highly impactful project that will reclaim 40,000 hectares of degraded Savannah land with acacia plants to produce carbon credits and reduce millions of tons of CO2 emissions.

Integral to this project is our commitment to helping to uplift the local community. We are working with local farmers to help introduce new agroforestry systems together with other supporting activities that will improve cultivation techniques. By supporting the farmers, we aim to help them build sustainable businesses that will allow the local communities to prosper.

Reforesation Project


The term SHARENDIPITY encapsulates the concept of sharing and community that underlies our new approach to sustainability, adopting a systemic and collective vision.


SHARENDIPITY combines the concept of SERENDIPITY with that of SHARE.


Serendipity is the ability to create value from unforeseen, and unintentional events that we recognise and capitalise on to solve a problem or seize an opportunity. This reflects our approach to sustainability, an approach focused on innovation and the ability to derive value from novel situations.


Therefore, our open approach to sustainability within the company enhances serendipity and, consequently, innovation. In a rapidly changing world, there is no predefined path to a sustainable future, therefore being agile and adaptive is paramount.


Sustainability Report

Our commitment to sustainability remains practical, and we continuously evaluate our actions and practices using specific tools, such as our Sustainability Report.


Social Certifications

Renco is firmly committed to advancing our social responsibilities across several fronts.  Our approach fully complies with the international standards, and we hold the following certifications:

  • ISO 45001: Standard for management systems of occupational health and safety
  • SA8000: Standards that encourage the development, maintenance and application of socially acceptable practices in the workplace.
  • UNIPDR125 Parità di Genere: Certification awarded to companies that promote gender equality by structuring inclusion management systems to demonstrate their commitment to gender equality, and set and monitor areas for improvement.
  • ISO 9001: Criteria for quality management systems.
  • Policy Incident Injury free: Renco promotes an Incident and Injury-Free culture. The company develops participatory processes, based on the exchange of new practical information geared towards building zero-incident work models.


Reciprocity and Mutuality

In all countries in which it operates, Renco strives to create a positive impact on the local economy and the environment. It does so by investing in works and social services and supporting local entrepreneurs also through partnerships and common projects.

Nature is Energy

Renco has always focused on minimising the environmental impacts generated in each phase of the project, by developing sustainable models that respect the environment and natural biodiversity.